The Drama of Cake

When our friend, Michelle Gainey of Lemiga Events, asked us to create a custom display cake for an upcoming Atlantan Brides photo shoot – we had to say yes! As you probably know by now, designing custom cakes is our favorite thing to do and with photo shoots we can really push the envelope. The inspiration for this photo shoot was to be the much-anticipated movie Anna Karenina starring Keira Knightley. If you know nothing of the Tolstoy novel it’s based upon, just imagine lavish 19th century Russian aristocracy mixed with forbidden love. It’s the perfect recipe for drama.

We wanted to do something to push ourselves out of the box in a way that really embodied the atmosphere and mood of the story itself. In order to do that, we took the classic floral motif and turned it on its head by having the flower petals consume the cake rather than the way it traditionally blooms outwards. The result is something quite unique; coupled with some painted gold vines, our vision was complete.

The floral motif turns into something like a living organism, but frozen in time. The soft ambient sunlight in the photos casts the perfect glow for our cake to live in. Can you think of any other movies that might make great cake inspiration?

{ photos by Heidi of Our Labor of Love }


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