Taking our cakes on the road!

We got the opportunity to discuss our services, new products and the future of For Goodness Cakes during a radio interview with RadioX.

Before I get into the serious stuff, let me tell how much fun it was!! It was awesome to sit with the micro phone and the headset and be apart of a live broadcast. More importantly, a live broadcast with time to discuss the business. I must admit that I was nervous in the beginning, but the two DJ’s (Mike and Steve) are pros and know how to get the most those not so used to that venue. (I’d like to think the cake samples we brought with us helped them not be as nervous too).



We enjoyed being able to discuss our corporate event services. Not only do we create wonderful looking and tasting wedding cakes, but we also do cupcakes and sheet cakes with company logos on them. Not well known it that we also do cookies too. We’re also super excited to talk about our newest product called Cake It With You! It’s our cake in a jar and it allows a person to be able to eat our cake on the go, for lunch or as a gift to someone else. Most importantly, it can be delivered right to your doorstep…anywhere in the United States!

We’re excited about the future. We plan to branch out with more locations in the Metro Atlanta area as well as provide more cake/sweet options for our customers in the future.

We hope you join us for the ride!!


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