Slam Dunk of a Cake

Once in a blue moon, someone comes to us with a wonderful challenge of a cake. We get inquiries for edible versions of cars and purses all the time, but this past December we received a particularly special request.

To celebrate their anniversary, a former Miss Universe and an NBA star asked us to create a cake replica of two objects that best represented the union of their worlds – the Miss Universe crown atop a true-to-life basketball. The thought of this cake both exhilarated and terrified us, but we knew we couldn’t pass up the chance to do something so extraordinary!

We definitely had our work cut out for us; the process had to begin with research, research, research. Our goal was to get both objects as close to the real object as possible and to do so, we gathered as many pictures and measurements as we could find. We then started by carving the basketball out of stacked layers of cake and then we covered it in orange fondant for the base of the color. From there, we imprinted the basketball texture onto the fondant and then spray-painted and added more details as needed to bring the ball to life.

The Miss Universe crown was the more intimidating part of the design, due to its fragility when made in edible materials. Thankfully, our genius decorating team was able to create the frame of the jeweled beauty using a styrofoam ball as a structural base. In the end, the glittering cake tiara was beautiful enough to wear on your own head!

To tie all the various elements together, we just couldn’t resist transforming the cake board into basketball court tile. The final finishing touch was a pair of dog bones – an homage to the canine of the family!

Not to toot our own horn, but…. toot toot! Our finished design was nothing short of amazing and we are so proud to call it ours. The proof is in the picture pudding…


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