Customers Raves

We love our Clients

After spending many hours and pouring our hearts into creating a beautiful and delicious masterpiece, nothing gives us more joy than to hear the wonderful feedback from our clients and their guests after they have had the For Goodness Cakes experience. We believe that a cake should be as delicious as it is beautiful, and that we can only show after it has been cut, served and enjoyed.

We could tell you that our cakes are delectable and amazingly yummy, but what could be better than to simply have our clients’ rave about us in their own words. We cherish these messages like our own special love notes, and look forward to having the opportunity to share this experience with you.

Erica & Andrew

On their Special Cake

Dear Bethany, We just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the tier cakes[...]

Erika S.Zulawski

On their Birthday Cake

I cannot say enough good things on how delicious and beautiful the cake was!Eve[...]

Sheri Verroi

On their Wedding Cake

Hey Megan,I wanted you to know that the cake you made for Alexa & Chases we[...]

keshia McCrary Tiemann

On their Birthday Cake

Megan,Thank you again so much for making Maddie's first birthday so special thr[...]

The Knots Review

On their Special Cake

My fiance was kind enough to ask if he could be in charge of tracking something[...]

Megan Callihan

On their Special Cake

Thank you so much for the TIC TEC KNO cake! The cake was beautiful and equally [...]

Katy & Chris

On their Anniversary Cake

Thank you so much for all of your help with our wedding cake, grooms cake &[...]

Cathy & Jacques

Thank you so much for our five wonderfully Delicious cakes.All of our guests th[...]

XO DanielleVason

On their Special Cake

Thank you for creating my dream cake!!The champagne color,burlap textures.Ombre[...]

Sam & Jenna Garrison

On their Wedding Cake

Thanks You for your beautiful and "yummy" part of an amazing day !-Ana &[...]

The Fanyers

On their Special Cake

For Goodness cake, Our Cake was amazing! Thanks you so much![...]

Brenda + Beau Messer

On their Special Cake

Just sending your and your staff a note of thanks for our beautiful cake!And it[...]

Ryan & Melessa

On their Wedding Cake

Thank you for making our day be everything we wished for! We appreciate you bei[...]

Courtney & Cindy

On their Wedding Cake

Thank you for helping our special day perfect! [...]

Mr.Blurs.Adam Cransford

On their Wedding Cake

Thank you for the two beautiful wedding cakes! I loved the cook of my cake and [...]


On their Wedding Cake

Just wanted to thank you and your whole team for creating such an excellent wed[...]


On their Birthday Cake

Hi Megan!!!Oh my godness, I wanted to thank you so much for our cake!!!It was p[...]

Lisa McCormick

On their Birthday Cake

Hi Megan,I, just want you to know we LOVED the cake! It was beautiful AND Delic[...]

Jennifer Dolny

On their Wedding Cake

Hi Megan,I want to personally thank you again for the Chuck Taylor grooms cake [...]


On their Birthday Cake

Megan, a huge THANKS to you,Melonie and the rest of the team for making my husb[...]