Modern Glam

Everyone has different definitions of “modern” and “glamorous” – bright colors, bling, crazy shapes, you name it. But for the new issue of Oh-Brides Magazine, we decided to do a more understated elegant interpretation of “modern glam”.

The cake seen here, photographed at 200 Peachtree, is deceptively simple. It’s unique composition is made up of three square tiers and a sugar flower. The bottom tier has pearlized fondant pleating which continues up into the main body of the cake. This pleating mimics the graceful movement often seen in satin ruching on wedding gowns. The sugar blossom acts as a delicate punctuation mark and finishes the cake off with just a hint of color.

Ever heard “less is more”? Well, this cake proves exactly that. We’re so used to throwing everything we have at a design, that it was really refreshing to be a bit more restrained. The result is such an elegant and timeless piece – we’re sure it’ll stay in style for quite some time!

{ photos by Inije Photography }


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