Love is Black & White

When it comes to wedding cakes tradition often dictates that white, ivory and soft pastels be the color scheme of your wedding cake. Well, if you didn’t have someone dictate the dress you’d be wearing, why start with your wedding cake? Bold color, when it is tastefully embraced, can be a wonderful enhancement to your wedding cake. In the same way that the perfect accessory can put a whole outfit together, your wedding cake can be just the pop of color and exciting contrast your reception needs.

Never be afraid to blend. There’s just something stunning about the contrast of black and white, peacock blue and platinum, or blush pink and chocolate brown that can just take your breath away (not to mention, highlight the custom details you took the time to create with your cake designer). When coming up with the concept and theme for your wedding cake, consider using color in bold ways. Color contrast will allow the true artwork of your cake to stand out and be an eye-catching and memorable element of your day.

Intricate and detailed design requires one very important aspect… a cake designer with any eye for detail and a fearless commitment to bringing your vision to reality. Do your homework and take your time to find just the right cake designer. After spending the time deciding the perfect details of your dress, the textures and colors of the flowers, and even the design on the groomsmen’s ties, why not incorporate that same attention to detail into the outside of your cake. Bold is beautiful!



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