Happy Transaction Business

This article is a bit of a departure than what you may be used to from cake bloggers. But I was inspired to write it because I’ve been reflecting on how awesome being in this industry can be.

Although personally I haven’t been in the cake industry for very long, I thoroughly enjoy it! The perks are life changing: interacting with many people from all walks of life, working with a fabulous team here at the bakery and seeing people enjoy their special day topped off with one of our cakes.

We partner with many organizations that exist purely to enhance the experience of an event. We work with caterers, photographers, wedding venues, event planners, DJs, etc. All of whom have a mission to make someone else’s moment of joy more awesome!

Remember, when you find the thing in life that you love to do or have a passion for, there are a lot of amazing people who can help you celebrate it.

I’m in the Happy Transaction business…and I love it!





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