Making A Spatula Cake

We have a YouTube channel ya’ll!! We are going to start sharing some fun videos of us making and decorating some cool cakes. Check out our first video!!


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For Goodness Cakes Going International?

Depending on when you read this, the Royal Wedding might just have happened already. Although, we never got our invite, we did get a chance to be a small, if not indirect, part of the occasion.

Our cakes were featured on a wedding segment on CNN. We got the opportunity to partner with The Knot to give audiences a “taste” of what could possibly be on the royal cake menu.

Hit the link to check out the video.

It was a blast and an honor to be a small part of this world wide celebration. Cheers!

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Taking our cakes on the road!

We got the opportunity to discuss our services, new products and the future of For Goodness Cakes during a radio interview with RadioX.

Before I get into the serious stuff, let me tell how much fun it was!! It was awesome to sit with the micro phone and the headset and be apart of a live broadcast. More importantly, a live broadcast with time to discuss the business. I must admit that I was nervous in the beginning, but the two DJ’s (Mike and Steve) are pros and know how to get the most those not so used to that venue. (I’d like to think the cake samples we brought with us helped them not be as nervous too).

We enjoyed being able to discuss our corporate event services. Not only do we create wonderful looking and tasting wedding cakes, but we also do cupcakes and sheet cakes with company logos on them. Not well known it that we also do cookies too. We’re also super excited to talk about our newest product called Cake It With You! It’s our cake in a jar and it allows a person to be able to eat our cake on the go, for lunch or as a gift to someone else. Most importantly, it can be delivered right to your doorstep…anywhere in the United States!

We’re excited about the future. We plan to branch out with more locations in the Metro Atlanta area as well as provide more cake/sweet options for our customers in the future.

We hope you join us for the ride!!


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Happy Transaction Business

This article is a bit of a departure than what you may be used to from cake bloggers. But I was inspired to write it because I’ve been reflecting on how awesome being in this industry can be. Continue reading

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Dare To Be Different

Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue. Dare to be different!

Traditions of OLD don’t have to be traditions of YOURS.

The inspiration to blog on this topic came about as I was researching the cake trends for 2017. What I found was that there were so many non-traditional cake ideas floating around, that maybe traditional cakes needs to make some space!

Take these for example:


The bottom line is: it’s YOUR special day. (Emphasis on YOURS). Don’t be swayed by attempting to “follow tradition” when it comes to a cake. Choose what makes you happy and your day memorable.

Dare to be different!


Mark B.



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A Little Cake Sparkle

When you work in the wedding industry, you have to love all things feminine, romantic, and glamorous. It’s just a given. Lace, metallics, ruffles, diamonds…you name it. But let’s face it – there are only so many different color and textile combinations and sometimes things can have a tendency to feel a little stale. Thankfully, Timeesha Duncan of Tim Duncan Events gave us the opportunity to replace romance with whimsy and feminine with bold. And whenever you give us a chance to be bold, we’ll definitely run with it!

Above is a peek at the inspiration board Timeesha gave us as the basis for a modern photo shoot for the new issue of Oh-Brides Magazine. The pizzazz and pop comes from the sharp contrast of gold and black. While gold is a traditional wedding color, black is just as much not. But it’s the black in this color palette that really enhances the shine and sparkle of the gold, so we knew we had to make it a key element in our cake design.

While we toyed around with the idea of making a cake completely covered in black fondant, we felt that brides might not find it accessible or applicable to their own ideas of the perfect wedding cake. The sketch we ultimately chose features an abstract array of hexagons in the black and gold color scheme. Mimicking the light and movement of sparkling glitter, we thought this design struck the perfect balance between fun and elegant.

As long as we were making a fun cake, we couldn’t pass up the change to make some ruffle flower mini cakes and cookie favors to match! Everyone who is anyone needs their own personal mini cake.

Hello, adorable!

{ photos by Inga Finch Photography }

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Real Wedding Cake: Leauna & Eron

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the final photos from a beautiful wedding and a memorable wedding cake. Leauna and Eron tied the knot last August and we’ve been dying to share their cakes since then!

The wedding cake was a towering beauty iced in our traditional buttercream with black fondant accents. In between each tier is a lovely combination of hydrangeas and roses to match the ceremony decor. These classic motifs set against the urban industrial feel of The Foundry at Puritan Mill create a wonderful juxtaposition of soft and strong.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we created a custom groom’s cake – an homage to Eron’s love of Ralph Lauren polos!

Okay, we lied. There is something that makes us happier than seeing these photos… making a beautiful couple’s cake dreams come true!

{ photos by Project Duo Photography }

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Slam Dunk of a Cake

Once in a blue moon, someone comes to us with a wonderful challenge of a cake. We get inquiries for edible versions of cars and purses all the time, but this past December we received a particularly special request.

To celebrate their anniversary, a former Miss Universe and an NBA star asked us to create a cake replica of two objects that best represented the union of their worlds – the Miss Universe crown atop a true-to-life basketball. The thought of this cake both exhilarated and terrified us, but we knew we couldn’t pass up the chance to do something so extraordinary!

We definitely had our work cut out for us; the process had to begin with research, research, research. Our goal was to get both objects as close to the real object as possible and to do so, we gathered as many pictures and measurements as we could find. We then started by carving the basketball out of stacked layers of cake and then we covered it in orange fondant for the base of the color. From there, we imprinted the basketball texture onto the fondant and then spray-painted and added more details as needed to bring the ball to life.

The Miss Universe crown was the more intimidating part of the design, due to its fragility when made in edible materials. Thankfully, our genius decorating team was able to create the frame of the jeweled beauty using a styrofoam ball as a structural base. In the end, the glittering cake tiara was beautiful enough to wear on your own head!

To tie all the various elements together, we just couldn’t resist transforming the cake board into basketball court tile. The final finishing touch was a pair of dog bones – an homage to the canine of the family!

Not to toot our own horn, but…. toot toot! Our finished design was nothing short of amazing and we are so proud to call it ours. The proof is in the picture pudding…

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Modern Glam

Everyone has different definitions of “modern” and “glamorous” – bright colors, bling, crazy shapes, you name it. But for the new issue of Oh-Brides Magazine, we decided to do a more understated elegant interpretation of “modern glam”.

The cake seen here, photographed at 200 Peachtree, is deceptively simple. It’s unique composition is made up of three square tiers and a sugar flower. The bottom tier has pearlized fondant pleating which continues up into the main body of the cake. This pleating mimics the graceful movement often seen in satin ruching on wedding gowns. The sugar blossom acts as a delicate punctuation mark and finishes the cake off with just a hint of color.

Ever heard “less is more”? Well, this cake proves exactly that. We’re so used to throwing everything we have at a design, that it was really refreshing to be a bit more restrained. The result is such an elegant and timeless piece – we’re sure it’ll stay in style for quite some time!

{ photos by Inije Photography }

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Audrey Hepburn

Tired of seeing scrolls and lace? Every now and then, we are too. Luckily, Brian Green of F&G Events gave us mold-breaking inspiration for a fabulous Occasions Magazine photo shoot set at the W Midtown Atlanta. He asked us to craft a sweet little cake inspired by a timeless style icon – Audrey Hepburn – My Fair Lady to be exact.

Our initial idea was to combine white lace and black and white ribbon in cake form to mimic her dress. But while that would have been lovely, we wanted to design something a bit more modern instead. So we took the element of the black and white ribbon and made the cake just that.

It almost looks as if we took the ribbon off her hat and simply tied it around the cake. Trust us – it was much more difficult than it sounds! Our hard work paid off though. The bold graphic lines of the ribbon make a fantastic statement, especially on a smaller cake that could work for both weddings and special events.



{ photos by Claudia McDade Photography }

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Upcoming Bridal Events

Ah, the start of a brand new year. January means the season of resolutions, new beginnings… and bridal shows! All you newly engaged Atlanta brides get bombarded with promotions and events to help you get started in your wedding planning. We can’t pass up the chance to get some of our delicious cake in your system, so here are two upcoming events you do not want to miss!

Champagne & Sweets at StudioWed Atlanta

Thursday, January 24, 6:30-8:30 pm

Enjoy an evening dedicated to wedding inspiration, table designs, and decor ideas in the studio as you mingle with expert wedding professionals. Sip champagne and enjoy delectable desserts. All brides and grooms will receive a gift. This is a complimentary event open to to all engaged couples and our industry friends. Register to attend at

Wedding 1-on-1 at Rhodes Hall

Sunday, January 27, 2:00-5:00 pm

Join some of Atlanta’s most trusted wedding professionals to get valuable expert advice for planning your own dream wedding. “Wedding 1 on 1” is designed to offer future brides a personal approach to planning in an intimate setting that won’t stress them out! Guests will have a unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of wedding planning – from catering trends to choosing the right photographer, dresses, décor and more. More info and registration here

See ya there!

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The Drama of Cake

When our friend, Michelle Gainey of Lemiga Events, asked us to create a custom display cake for an upcoming Atlantan Brides photo shoot – we had to say yes! As you probably know by now, designing custom cakes is our favorite thing to do and with photo shoots we can really push the envelope. The inspiration for this photo shoot was to be the much-anticipated movie Anna Karenina starring Keira Knightley. If you know nothing of the Tolstoy novel it’s based upon, just imagine lavish 19th century Russian aristocracy mixed with forbidden love. It’s the perfect recipe for drama.

We wanted to do something to push ourselves out of the box in a way that really embodied the atmosphere and mood of the story itself. In order to do that, we took the classic floral motif and turned it on its head by having the flower petals consume the cake rather than the way it traditionally blooms outwards. The result is something quite unique; coupled with some painted gold vines, our vision was complete.

The floral motif turns into something like a living organism, but frozen in time. The soft ambient sunlight in the photos casts the perfect glow for our cake to live in. Can you think of any other movies that might make great cake inspiration?

{ photos by Heidi of Our Labor of Love }

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