Real Wedding Cake: Alicia & Lance

All that glitters… is cake. We’ve been dying to share this fully blinged-out wedding cake we did this past October! Even as we were making it, we knew this one was going to be special. Anything dripping in crystals is bound to turn some heads. The shape of this cake was custom-fitted to the bride’s vision. Each tier was iced in our traditional white buttercream and dressed to impress.

Wedding cakes are so often placed in random corners or plainly decorated areas that don’t do it justice. So you can imagine our excitement to see an entire environment custom made for our cake to reside. Andy Beach and EllyB blew it out of the water!

This is officially one of our most favorite cake set-ups to date. Anyone who reveres the art of cake and believes it deserves more attention like this, we salute you!

{ photography by Nadia D }


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