Real Wedding Cake: Jenni & Mike

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than being part of a truly special wedding day. Jenni & Mike’s well-curated affair at Mason Murer Fine Art was one for the books. Jenni says, “I paint all the time, so an art gallery has a special place in my heart. But, the location in general was just something different, which is how Mike and I feel we are. Our relationship isn’t like anyone else’s, so we didn’t want our wedding to be either.”

Their choice to use an art gallery was perfect as an elegant backdrop to their modern eclectic style. Jenni’s love of sparkle led us to design a balanced combination of sugar crystals and sugar veil lace in an ivory and gold metallic color scheme.

A big thanks to Jenni and Mike for letting us contribute our own work of art to their unique celebration. We look forward to many more sparkling cakes to come!

{ photos by The Decisive Moment }

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Southern Charm

We are so proud that the Atlantan Brides Magazine chose to feature us in their newest seasonal issue! We were asked to create a design inspired by the traditional beauty of Southern blooms and oh boy, did we.

Traditional doesn’t have to mean boring and floral doesn’t have to mean trite. We wanted to come up with a design that would satisfy the eclectic taste of Southern brides through the use of a regal and timeless flower – the Magnolia. The result is a feeling of elegance and grace that is balanced with a connection to the earth and home.

The color scheme features a soft warm gold and ivory in modern textures. This serves as an subtle but stunning backdrop to a garland of sugar Magnolias which cascade down the front of the cake. By altering the cake shape and heights of the tiers, we gave this traditional theme a modern twist.

Everyone has a relationship to nature in some form or another. In various cultures, flowers are symbols of beauty, fertility, and peace – so it’s only natural that a floral motif will always be a part of wedding celebrations. From bouquets to centerpieces, the gathering of flowers means the gathering of health and happiness. And we’re happy to have made yet another beautiful design that speaks exactly to that!

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We’re Game for Groom’s Cakes

A Wedding Cake Blog honored us by featuring one of our favorite groom’s cakes to date – the Settler’s of Catan cake!

Nothing excites us more than a challenge and groom’s cakes are almost always the ones that get our hearts (and minds) racing! This particular cake was a surprise from the bride to her game-loving groom. We had never heard of The Settlers of Catan game before, but the bride surely enlightened us! We soon found out just how many people are fanatical about this game and so we knew we had to do her and her groom justice.

In order for us to get the proper game set-up on the cake, the bride taught us exactly how to play the game – down to what pieces can move where and what tiles can be next to others! We were quite nervous in the beginning, but once she sent us pictures of game pieces in progress, this helped tremendously.

Of course, we could have printed out the board game graphics and merely laid them on top of a cake. But we knew that the whole point of the surprise was to truly recreate the game, by hand. And so we did just that! Each tile is a hand-painted hexagon made out of fondant, as is the board game layout itself. We did our absolute best to recreate the terrain illustrations in the actual game and so we felt a little bit like we were art students, re-creating a master work.

We couldn’t have been happier with the results. And the groom, of course, was absolutely stunned and enthralled by it. As you can imagine, it was hard for them to cut into it and ruin a perfectly good game!

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Real Wedding Cake: Alicia & Lance

All that glitters… is cake. We’ve been dying to share this fully blinged-out wedding cake we did this past October! Even as we were making it, we knew this one was going to be special. Anything dripping in crystals is bound to turn some heads. The shape of this cake was custom-fitted to the bride’s vision. Each tier was iced in our traditional white buttercream and dressed to impress.

Wedding cakes are so often placed in random corners or plainly decorated areas that don’t do it justice. So you can imagine our excitement to see an entire environment custom made for our cake to reside. Andy Beach and EllyB blew it out of the water!

This is officially one of our most favorite cake set-ups to date. Anyone who reveres the art of cake and believes it deserves more attention like this, we salute you!

{ photography by Nadia D }

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