For the Love of Cake

Hello fellow cake lovers and sweet tooth enthusiasts! After many years of baking and designing, we are jumping into the word of blogging. Instead of just shaking our heads and “ohhh-ing” and “ahhh-ing” at the incredible peaks (and worrisome lows) of the cake world, we’ve decided to do our part to enhance the experience of all who venture to our little corner of cake heaven.

In our blog we will post all the exciting news we have to share as well as tips and useful tools to assist our readers through the wedding cake and specialty cake design and selection process. We believe that the best consumer is an informed one, and it’s our mission to arm you with all you need to release your inner Super Sugar Artist!

Our mission: To fight the supervillians of lack luster design, ho-hum creativity, and uninspired frustration with our “lasso of truth” one blog at a time!

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