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I discovered my hidden talent for decorating cakes in early 2002. After being begged for weeks, I finally gave in and accompanied a friend to a cake decorating class at a local craft store. I was quite comfy at Delta Air Lines as a software developer with an Electrical Engineering degree, and the idea of decorating cakes really didn’t interest me, especially since I can’t even cook! On the first night of decorating our cakes in class, a little rainbow made out of icing revealed a hidden talent in me. Around the same time, a carrot cake I made for my manager’s birthday received rave reviews; I couldn’t make it down the hallway without someone complimenting my cake.

My wheels started turning, and the more I looked at cakes the more my cake obsession grew. I couldn’t get enough of all the amazing designs that could be created with cakes, and with my engineering background, the ideas kept coming. I struggled in the beginning, trying to create recipes that were worthy of selling, but once I overcame that hurdle, the fun really began. I finally quit my Delta job in 2005, and haven’t looked back since.

I love attending yearly international cake conventions, along with seminars and classes to improve my skills and learn new techniques to offer the very best in cake design. I truly feel blessed to have found my passion in life, and I get so much satisfaction from being part of happy occasions in people’s lives.

Keep looking for your passion – you never know when it will fall into your lap like mine did. 7 years as a radio announcer/DJ, many years of waiting tables, getting my Electrical Engineering degree, 9 years as a software developer, and now cakes! It’s never too late to go after what you love. I always remember the saying, “Life is an adventure, not a guided tour.” So enjoy the journey!

I cherish each of my customers, and I look forward to being a deliciously beautiful part of your family’s celebrations.

Master Cake Engineer

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